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Olivia Hall Grantham
Olivia Hall Grantham

Welcome to the Grantham/Wise family genealogy site. Feel free to browse around and if you are related, please sign up for a membership. It is free and only takes a few minutes to fill out. If you have any information feel free to send it to me along with any documentation to verify the information.


We have enabled "Require Login" for this site. That way we can control better who has access to our data and also hopefully cut down on some issues that have been occuring. We have enabled the guest account, and it can see only non-Living data. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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Smith Family Reunion of 1899

My Early Memories by Frances Grantham Pickering

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Birthdays for 17 Oct 2017
William Ammons GRANTHAM - 1808
John Thomas Mathias RUSSELL - 1855
Mary M. Etta STOCKSTILL - 1865


Mary GRANTHAM - 1826
Ethel Edmonia LINDSAY - 1957

Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversaries for 17 Oct 2017
David MCALLISTER & Abigail TATE - 1776